Mammoth Ivory Carvings

We have just received our latest shipment of mammoth ivory carvings. This is the best shipment we have ever had. To introduce these to our readers we are offering  four of the best to our blog readers at half the shop price, plus postage

mammoth ivory carvings

Mammoth Ivory has been used by humans as a carving median and adornment since our time on earth began. This material has a story involving humans from a time in history when “Tribal” life was commonplace.

Because of this history it is many peoples belief that mammoth material is indeed more interesting than any other sculpture material in the world.

It is better than elephant ivory and does not involve any killing. Mammoth ivory that is of a quality good enough to carve is a scarce resource. Master carvers that have the ability to produce fine works of art from the mammoth ivory are also hard to find. We believe we have the best carvers and the largest range of mammoth ivory carvings in Australia.

We also believe that mammoth ivory carvings are a true collectible art form and can only increase in value. Should any reader want to see our range please e mail us through the contact form and we will send out photos of our current range and prices. For those that collect a theme e.g. elephants, owls, ganesh, send us a request and we will let you know what we have. If you have a special request let us know and we will try to make it in the future.

Mammoth Ivory Fairy

The first item that we have on special is a carving of a fairy. This exquisite piece measures a large 15cm x 7cm. It shows wonderful typical mammoth cross hatching and the piece of mammoth ivory it is carved in  is flawless. The shop price is A$1500 and the introductory blog price is A$750 plus postage.

Mammoth Dragon

The second item is a dragon. This piece is three dimentional and has incredible detail. It measures 110cm x 4cm x 1.5cm. Again the mammoth ivory is flawless. The shop price is A$400 so the introductory  blog price of A$200 plus postage is an absolute bargain (try and find one on the internet better)

Mammoth Ivory Seahorses

The third item is an intricate design of sea horses and coral. This piece measures 15cm x 6 cm. The shop price is A$150. The introductory blog price is only A$75. For such a large sculpture that is great value.

Mammoth Ivory Buddha

Finally we offer a Buddha carving. This piece is again beautifully carved and measures  7cm x 4cm x 2cm. The shop price is A$200 with the introductory blog price at A$100 plus postage.

These special pieces will remain at this price until sold or when an updated product blog is posted. The prices are genuine and they are bargains to entice you to see our full range. You can’t buy better.

8 Comments on “Mammoth Ivory Carvings

  1. Hi,What are you looking for in mammoth carvings?
    I have just recieved a lot of smaller to medium carvings and more will be finished in approx 6 weeks

  2. Hi,
    All the carvings listed in our mammoth ivory carving section are genuine mammoth Ivory and NOT beef bone, camel or anything else.
    Bone carving is very popular and widespread in Bali. In fact there is a whole cottage industry that produce this work mainly for the tourist trade. As there is no cost for the bone the carvings made from them only reflect the labour. Our carvers were originally bone carvers and that is where they developed their skills.
    HOWEVER I must repeat that all our carvings in the mammoth carving section are mammoth and any other mammoth carvings in other sections are clearly identified.
    There are a couple of bone carvings in the carving section but they are clearly labeled ‘bone’
    I hope this answers your concerns.

  3. I noticed earlier page where I first saw “mammoth ivory carvers” with 2 carvings. You have great work but, those initial seen are, I believe, bone of beef, or camel.
    Just to let you know so ppl who are familiar with, do not get turned off and miss some of the really great works you have!
    Yrs back at the advent of Novica, they sold near identicle from indonesia between $30-$50. All nice, the $50 were top end nice. I was amazed!
    Coffee trivia-sip-bookmark
    PS the skull with lizards! WOW!

  4. Hi,
    I am not sure what you are looking for so you will need to explain better.
    My shop is in the main shopping mall in Canberra on the ground level. The mall is called the Canberra Centre

    Our mammoth is carved by the absolute best carvers there are. My aim is to produce the best carvings we can.
    A lot of mammoth carvings done in China have been inproved by filling any cracking in the mammoth ivory with filling agents so they can no longer be seen. None of our carvings are filled. If there is a crack in the mammoth it is left there. I would rather this then infilling. This has been my choice and that is the direction i have taken. I am particularly interested in having the best carvings by the best artists. I am also producing carvings that are not expensive but still the best.
    If I can help you I will try my best. In June I am going to pick up my latest batch. My last lot was finished in late January and are selling well.
    all the best,

  5. Dear Peter,

    I am looking for the rarest and highest quality mammoth ivory.

    Where r u based in Australia?


    Peter Cheng

  6. Hi,
    These are all genuine mammoth ivory carvings. Most of the carvings are available and more will be added over the next few weeks. I have just come back from our carvers with many more carvings.

  7. Hi there,

    I was wondering if you guys still have any of the stock outlined above? Are they genuine, with certification? I was also wondering if you guys have any pure ivory pairs for a temple and also any carved ivories of Ganesh. If you please send me some links to have a look at. These are completely legal right?

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