Rare Opal Pattern

Sometimes an opal cutter comes across some rare opal that has an unusual pattern. These opals are both rare and unique. Peter cut one of these rare opals recently. The rare opal pictured below, weighs 14 carats and measures 30 mm by 20 mm.

Rare opal patterns in large stones are not cut often and for a cutter can be a heart-pounding discovery. This opal demonstrates it was deposited in several stages. The first is the black potch. This was formed and then brecciated and re cemented with a flow of precious opal. This precious opal is very bright with sections of vivid orange, yellow and green. There are also small amounts of Turquoise blue. When the stone is moved the colours dance. The opal was mined at the Old Field of Mintabie in the remote desert of South Australia many years ago. This is the best of six rare opals that Peter has recently cut. The others are all beautiful and have predominantly green colour cementing the black potch. There are still four more pieces to cut, however peter has decided to keep these in the rough because of the rarity and to show as a comparison.

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  1. Hi ,dear Peter! It,s very good opal stories, I am the Chinese ex-opal buyer which,s you mention in your stories chapter 21 “ Henry ”

  2. It was a pleasure chatting with you today Peter I wish you the best of luck and just hope we cross paths somewhere in the future Regards Peter Forrest

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