Light Opal Solids

AUSTRALIAN OPAL SOLIDS. Mineshaft has a large range of light based opal solids, Opal specimens and opal carvings. Light opal solids vary from very cheap white opals to the best of the crystal opal. Peter spent many years professionally mining at Mintabie opal fields. He had several opal mines during this time at most of the main sub fields. He continues to cut magnificent opal from the rough collected from these mines. If you have a size, colour, shape or price preference please send us an e mail and we will respond with pictures of any suitable opals. It is very difficult to photograph light opal so in general the opal will look much better then the photos. Opal is 3 dimensional and often the movement of the opal gives it special character. Towards the end of this page are specimens of rough light based opal.

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HOW TO PURCHASE E-mail us with the description of the opal and the price.

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CRYSTAL OPAL. This stone is a giant 37.8 carat beauty. Two colours with the Turquoise looking like it is floating above the green. This gem measures approximately 40 mm by 30mm depending how you measure it. It is the largest gem from this particular pocket. For more information please e mail us.


SEMI BLACK GIANT OPAL SOLID. A Giant 25.9 carat blue green semi black crystal opal cut from the rough mined at Mintabie (Old Field) many years ago. Recently cut by Peter. It measures 25 mm by 25 mm and weighs 25.9 carats. The price is $7700. It sits on top of the two pieces of rough from the same pocket. These are available for sale as they are- uncut.

Two beautiful carvings from Mintabie opal and carved by our master carver in Bali. Lots of colour and big carvings.

Mineshaft has opal solids in every price range and most shapes. If you have a budget, and a preference for colour, shape and size, send us an email ( with your ideas, and we will send you back some pictures of opals we have, that match your criteria.

Below are pictures of graded opal, priced per carat, to give an idea of what opal values are by weight.


Mintabie opal specimens from our own mines

These specimens were mined mainly at Crystal valley in Mintabie and are great specimens of seam opal. We have very limited numbers and little rough left to produce many more.


For those customers looking for wholesale parcel lots go to our opal wholesale direct page. This page has many small wholesale lots priced at genuine wholesale prices. Opal solids, black Opal. doublet Opal, and some jewellery lots. Ideal lots for resellers, silversmiths and goldsmiths. Also for those wanting a number of stones for gifts, Check the page out!

HOW TO PURCHASE e-mail us with the description of the opal and the price.