The Story of Australia Documentary

Mineshafts’ participation in The Story of Australia… documentary aired in China to 21 million viewers.

Peter  (Owner of Mineshaft) was invited to be part of this documentary. One of the six parts was on mining in Australia and a large section of this was on opal. Peter was interviewed in the shop and later filmed cutting opal at his workshop. Mineshaft was the only opal dealer to be invited to participate. A great honour and endorsement for our business The Story of Australia.  We are very proud to be able to inform you that the series has now gone to air in China on CCTV to an audience of over 21 million!  As the first formal co-production between CCTV Documentary Channel and an Australian company the project represents an initiative of great significance to both countries. Throughout six half-hour episodes The Story of Australia travels all over the continent and highlights Australia’s agricultural products, the mining industry, overseas students in Australia, city life and the stories of famous Chinese-Australians. Through these stories we review the relationship between Australia and China and look to its future. The series has been received very well in China with series co-director Serge Ou attending the official launch in Beijing on Thursday 29 August.  Also in attendance at the launch President CCTV, Mr Luo Ming, Vice President CCTV Documentary Channel, Mr Shi Yan and the Australian Ambassador to China, Her Excellency Ms Frances Adamson. Please find attached to this email a picture from the launch.

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