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FOR PURCHASES WITHIN AUSTRALIA OVER $200 we will pay the postage costs

FOR PURCHASES FROM OVERSEAS OVER $300 we will subsidise the postage costs by $20

Thank you for supporting our family business during these really difficult times. Your purchases pay our staff wages and our family. Your purchases will help us get through these times and come out the other side able to provide you value for money well into the future


This page contains opal and opal jewellery at genuine wholesale prices. There is Solid Black Opal, Light based opal solids, Boulder Opal, Opal doublets and triplets.

We are aiming at jewellery manufacturers, businesses, resellers and those wanting to buy bargain small lots at a true wholesale price. We are currently going through our stock and those sections where we have surplus are being sold through this page.

Often there are just a few lots and when they sell that is it. Peter is 70 now and cutting the last of the opal he mined and it is time to balance the stock.

This page has been very popular and difficult to keep up to date as these items sell well in the shop as well. If the item has been sold we will see if we have a similar one and send you pictures.

E mail us your selection at 

INFORMATION For information contact us at

HOW TO PURCHASE E mail us with the code of the product and the price.

PAYMENT We accept PAYPAL for worldwide purchases. Australian customers can pay by PAYPAL or DIRECT DEPOSIT

BLACK OPAL SOLID OPALS. Ideal for setting in gold or sterling silver. Check these out below. All from our own mines at Mintabie

$100 Black Opal Boxes. The ones in the pictures above are typical lots to show you an average cross section. We have a limited amount of black opals to make up these boxes. When these are sold there will be no more as there is no more rough to cut and it simply wouldn’t be worthwhile to cut even if you gave us the opal.

$100 Black Opal with codes are available for purchase unless they have been very recently sold. Other $100 lots are available

OPAL SOLID PARCELS…….Please E Mail us ( and we will send you pictures of any other parcels we have recently made but are not yet on this page.


Maybe the last box of this grade with so many stones. These are taken from our last bag of small repair stones we use in our shop.

OPAL SOLID PARCELS. All from Mintabie with some dark (semi black). Ideal for silversmiths. Mainly oval shape. E mail us the code and price of what you want to purchase at …


These are all ideal for those making jewellery and looking to make something special with matching colour good quality opal doublets.. I have a limited number of these.

Again we are selling these latest lots to help pay wages. I have limited numbers of these high quality doublets and our main use is to make great quality sterling silver jewellery

The above Opal doublets parcels are all red on black and I have very little of this material.

CODE 20543525

OPAL DOUBLET SETS….We do have a few more (but not many) If you want pictures of similar lots please e mail us and we will send you pictures of any available lots.

OPAL TRIPLETS B grade parcel… These are great value at just $8 an opal. 10x 8 mm is a good size for rings pendants or earrings. 15 opals for A$120. Send us an e mail at to order

Boulder Opal Pendants…These pendants are in sterling silver. $400 the parcel they are great value. This one sold. send us an e mail and I will send photos of another lot. I have limited numbers and the only reason for sale is to pay wages. These normally retail for $70 to $100 each.

Semi Black Opal Beads. These are Mintabie Opal beads (South Australia).

This lot has sold and we have enough left for just a couple more lots. Send us an e mail and we will see what we can provide for you

Doublet Opal Pendant Parcel. 5 very nice pendants in hand made settings. (Our retail price of these total A$580) The wholesale direct price a parcel is $200! Send us an e mail ( and we will send you pictures of a current lot. We have limited numbers of these.

Triplet Opal Pendant Parcels. Five different designs using 10 x 8 mm opal Triplets. Our retail price totals $620. The wholesale direct price is $250. Send us an e mail ( and we will send you a pictures of a current parcel

BLACK OPAL SOLIDS. Just $100 buys a parcel of 100 carats. Yes, there is not much colour in any of the stones but they ARE solid black opal and some one out there must have a use for them….especially at around $1 per stone. Most have been cut to standard sizes. We have enough to make just a couple of lots only.

Below are some very cheap parcels of Boulder Opal. Ideal for turning in to jewellery. Yes theres not a lot of colour but the patterns in the boulder are beautiful. The total carat weight is on the parcel. The boulder opal is from our Rainbow mine.  SOLD 31/10/19  another one towards end next week!


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