Australian Opal Triplets and Doublets

Mineshaft has a huge range of triplets and doublets in most sizes and grades. The pictures on the website are just a small selection. You can e-mail us a request for a particular size and quality and we will send you some pictures of current stock. You can also ask for triplets by price.  For example, please send pictures of some $10 triplets.

 A doublet is a composite of two pieces where a slice of natural opal is cemented to a base material. The back of the opal is painted black to enhance the colour.

 A triplet is a composite of three pieces where a thin slice of natural opal is cemented between a dark base material and a transparent top layer (usually of quartz or glass).

Our stock of triplets is constantly changing. The triplets on this webpage are typical of the stock we carry. Please send an email with the size you are interested in and I will send photos and prices of current stock.

INFORMATION For information contact us at

HOW TO PURCHASE E-mail us with the code of the product and the price.

PAYMENT We accept PAYPAL for worldwide purchases. Australian customers can pay by PAYPAL, CHEQUE or DIRECT DEPOSIT Below is a selection from for our huge stock of opal triplets and doublets.

Bulk Purchases

There are  triplet parcels on our new page “Opal Triplet wholesale direct’. This  page has parcels that are wholesale and direct to the public. The only thing is the price is for the whole parcel.

OPAL TRIPLET (8x6mm) $15 each


OPAL TRIPLET 10mm x 8 mm  We have 10×8 in many grades. This is a really popular size for rings, earrings and pendants.  Click on image for a larger picture.

OPAL TRIPLETS  14 mm x 10 mm. This size is perhaps the most versatile size. It is widely used for all opal jewellery and is probably our most popular size.  Click on image for a larger picture.

OPAL TRIPLET 18x13mm This is a very popular size particularly for pendants. Mineshaft has this size in every grade,  colour and price range.  Click on image for a larger picture.

These are beautiful Opal Triplet free-forms. They average 18mm x 13 mm and the price is A$300 each plus postage. Click on the image for a larger picture.

FOR OPAL DOUBLET lots at the best prices go to our Opal wholesale direct page.