Mammoth Ivory Carvings & Jewellery

MINESHAFT IS NOW ENTIRELY ONLINE. After running as a shopfront for 45 years the shop was closed on the 31st January 2023.

Peter has semi retired and Mineshaft will mainly sell opal from his mining days. Many at wholesale direct pricing.

The change will take a few months to complete. 

If you are looking for mammoth carvings please contact my daughter Jamie on her E mail address

You can find her website and Facebook page under TWISTED TREASURES


Woolly Mammoth Ivory has been used by humans as a carving median and adornment since our time on earth began. This material has a story involving humans from a time in history when “Tribal” life was commonplace. Because of this history it is many people’s belief that woolly mammoth material is indeed more interesting than any other sculpture material in the world.

Woolly Mammoth ivory is better than elephant ivory and does not involve any killing. Our Mammoth Ivory is far cheaper then Elephant ivory so protect our elephants and collect only fossil mammoth ivory!


INFORMATION For information contact us at ( 

HOW TO PURCHASE E mail us with the code of the product and the price.

PAYMENT We accept PAYPAL for worldwide purchases. Australian customers can pay by PAYPAL or DIRECT DEPOSIT

Woolly Mammoth ivory that is of a quality good enough to carve is a scarce resource.

  • Master carvers that have the ability to produce fine works of art from the mammoth ivory are also hard to find.
  • We believe we have the best carvers and the largest range of  woolly mammoth ivory carvings in Australia.
  • We also believe that woolly mammoth ivory carvings are a true collectible art form and can only increase in value.