Gemstone Spheres

MINESHAFT IS NOW ENTIRELY ONLINE. After running as a shopfront for 45 years the shop was closed on the 31st January 2023.

Peter has semi retired and Mineshaft will mainly sell opal from his mining days. Many at wholesale direct pricing.

The change will take a few months to complete. 

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HOW TO PURCHASE E mail us with the code of the product and the price. (

PAYMENT We accept PAYPAL for worldwide purchases. Australian customers can pay by PAYPAL or DIRECT DEPOSIT.

MINESHAFT has limited number of rare and hard to get Zebra stone spheres. If you want one don’t wait too long


ZEBRA STONE…Australia’s mystery stone

Zebra Stone is a uniquely Australian rarity. It has been placed at 600 million years in the upper Proterozoic era or Pre-Cambrian period. The only known deposits in the world have been discovered in the remote East Kimberley’s, Western Australia. It consists of a fine grained siliceous argillite (indurated siltstone or clay stone) with rhythmic patterns of red bands or spots contrasting sharply with a lighter background. It is not known how the regular patterns were formed but the red stripes are coloured by ferric (iron) oxide.

Australian Zebra Stone from the remote Kimberleys, Western Australia. This is the only deposit in the world. The smallest spheres of this material we have and  measure 30 mm and weigh around 40 grams.   The price is only A$20 each. This is our last lot as we have no more rough. The largest size we have is 60 mm and cost A$120. We also have 40mm and 50mm. However we have very low numbers of all.