Gemstone Spheres

Gemstone spheres of all types and sizes. Mineshaft has a large range of gemstone spheres cut from quality gemstone rough. Our stock is constantly changing and this page is just a small representation of our selection.

If you look at this range you will appreciate the quality of our spheres. We either select the best available or we use the best rough available and have our gemstone spheres cut to order. We do not stock ‘run of the mill’  spheres. Often we only have one of any particular gemstone sphere or at the most just a few. The postage fee is the actual postage rate we have to pay and there are no handling charges.

INFORMATION For information contact us at

HOW TO PURCHASE E mail us with the code of the product and the price.

PAYMENT We accept PAYPAL for worldwide purchases. Australian customers can pay by PAYPAL, CHEQUE or DIRECT DEPOSIT.

Here are some of our everyday gemstone spheres. We have small medium and large spheres and many special collectable spheres’ The website does not cover all the spheres we have and they constantly change as new ones arrive and many sell fast.

This is a large Pyrite sphere. It is extremely sparkly because of the high quality siliceous pyrite. Weighs 1.42 kilo and is A$400


These are just a few of the many 25 and 30mm gemstone spheres we have. Generally we have around 20 different gemstones available. The price is only A$10 each plus postage. Send us an e mail and we can send you a picture of what we currently have available. These are very popular and we  can sell out of some types quickly.

E mail your questions regarding these $10 spheres to

ZEBRA STONE…Australia’s mystery stone

Zebra Stone is a uniquely Australian rarity. It has been placed at 600 million years in the upper Proterozoic era or Pre-Cambrian period. The only known deposits in the world have been discovered in the remote East Kimberley’s, Western Australia. It consists of a fine grained siliceous argillite (indurated siltstone or clay stone) with rhythmic patterns of red bands or spots contrasting sharply with a lighter background. It is not known how the regular patterns were formed but the red stripes are coloured by ferric (iron) oxide.

Australian Zebra Stone from the remote Kimberleys, Western Australia. This is the only deposit in the world. These are the smallest spheres of this material we have and  measure 30 mm and weigh around 40 grams.   The price is only $20 each. This is our last lot as we have no more rough. Click on the image for a larger picture.

 Australian Zebra Stone from the remote Kimberleys, Western Australia. These spheres measure 40 mm and weigh around 90 grams. The price is $40 each. When our current stock runs out we will have no more as we have no more rough We have  Click on the image for a larger picture.

More uniquely Australian Zebra stone spheres. These are 50mm and we sell a lot. The average weight is 140 grams. We have no more  rough so when our current stock is gone there will be no more. A$50 each.

More uniquely Australian Zebra stone spheres. These are 60mm and we sell a lot. The average weight is 260 grams. We only have a few of these left and there will be no more as we have run out of rough.  For the size the value is brilliant. E mail us and we will send you pictures of some current stock.  A$70 each

ROSE QUARTZ spheres. We generally have quite a few high quality Rose Quartz spheres. These vary from small 30mm ones up to some giant ones around 150 mm and weighing many kilos. priced from A$10 to A$450. As we sell these regularly in our shop please contact us for a current update.

Rose Quartz Sphere. This is 100mm 1.3 kilo sphere of Rose Quartz with strong colour. There is also a strong star under a pin source light. The code is 20529918 and the price is A$150.