Gemstone Collectables

This page is going to be updated in the future

In the 45 years of running the retail shop Peter travelled to many countries to find quality collectable and also to turn rough into special pieces. This page will, from time to time have some interesting pieces   


We send rough direct to the factories by the 200 litre drum and then sort it  into the product we want manufactured. This way we can send the very best selected gem rough and produce quality products that other businesses rarely are able to offer. Some times our ‘turn around time’ can be over a year but we are constantly receiving new high grade stock

One of our advantages is that we are personal friends with several factory owners. These friendships were originally forged when Peter was mining opal at Mintabie. In those days he was selling opal to several Chinese buyers who later went on to other businesses and now have their own processing factories. Several of these factories have been producing our product for many years.