Mineshaft History – First Half 2016

17/03/16……One of  the best opals Peter has ever cut. He mined this opal around 1980 at Mintabie Opal Field. He kept it in the rough just to look at all these years. Yesterday he had the pleasure of cutting and discovery of the exquisite gem inside. 6.9 carats of beautiful dark crystal opal (best of the best).

7/03/2016…Just unpacked this unbelievable Amethyst “wrap around”. Go to our collectable page for more information.

28/1/2016…..Marianne and Peter are going to the gem show in Tucson Arizona to meet up with old suppliers, purchase some interesting stock and see what is new. Peter has been going most years for over 30 years and has seen the show grow from two Motel locations to the mega show it is today with around 50 selling areas

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