Gemstone Carvings

These gemstone carvings are hand carved by master carvers. We use all types of semi precious gemstone materials and have carvings of all types. Mineshaft has direct contacts with several master carvers in different factories in main land China. We often use our own selected gem rough to make our own special carvings. We also have several carvers working on softer material such as fossil mammoth ivory and amber in Bali, Indonesia. The gemstone carvings on this page are just a small representation of our constantly changing stock. If you collect gemstone carvings of a particular theme, or gem material, send us an e mail and we will send you pictures of what we have. The postage fee is the actual postage rate we have to pay and there are no handling charges.

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HOW TO PURCHASE E mail us with the code of the product and the price.

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This is an incredible boulder opal carving. It has been carved by a master carver and the detail is amazing. This veinlets of nice opal are throughout the carving. The carving measures 200mm by 180mm by 90mm and weighs 2.94 kilo. The price is A$4000.

From top to bottom the carving measures 156 mm. Master carved in Bali. The code is 20311933 The price is A$150

HOW TO PURCHASE E mail us with the code of the product and the price.