Buddha and Ganesh carvings

Mineshaft has a wide range of Buddha, Ganesh and Kuan Yin carvings. We stock traditional Buddha and the fat Buddha. Our carvings are done in a range of semi precious stones as well as in woolly mammoth ivory. Every effort is made to keep this page up to date and we will add more carvings to the site on a regular basis

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Butterscotch Amber is one of the most sort after forms of Amber. Large pieces are becoming very hard to get. Mineshaft was lucky enough to acquire a few pieces from an old collection. This carving was done from the largest piece by our master carver in Bali. It weighs 200 carats and measures 55mm by 55mm. The price is A$2000.

Mammoth Ganesh. This is a 3-D carving carved from white high quality mammoth. The carving itself is very detailed and carved by our best carver. It measures 85mm x 70 mm by 30 mm and on a wooden base. The code is 20312794 and the price is A$500.

This Ganesh has been hand carved by our carvers in Bali. It measures 46 mm by 28 mm and took a day to carve. The code is 20362263. The price is A$70.

Labradorite Buddha. This carving displays a beautiful range of colours and is a very beautiful piece. It measures 78 mm  by 57 mm by 29 mm and weighs 144 grams. The code is 20443672. The price is A$350.


This carving is another of the special Buddha carvings we have done. Carved by our own carver in Bali. The carver has read the opal to perfection placing the colour bars expertly in to the carving. The opal was mined by Peter and comes from the very first pocket of opal mined at the grasshopper field at Mintabie in South Australia You can read the story about the rush to this new field under “other stories.” The story is called “The first Grasshopper pocket”.  This is one of the largest pieces of opal from the pocket and he kept it for over 30 years before deciding on having this exquisite carving made from it.  The piece weighs  80 carats and measures 44 mm by 26 mm by 12mm and the opal has nice colour. The price is A$4000.

Buddha head in opal. There is some nice colour in the hair and forehead. The opal is from our Water tank claim at Mintabie Opal field. The carving measures 30 mm by 29 mm by 12 mm and weighs 57 carats. The price is A$1000.

BLACK OPAL reclining BUDDHA. The carver has worked hard to get the best carving from this piece. The carving measures 48 mm by 16 mm by  8 mm and weighs 46 carats. The price is A$2000

SOLID OPAL BUDDHA in sterling silver. A really nice hand made sterling silver pendant. The Buddha is hand carved from a piece of violet jelly opal. Around the base of the pendant there are 8 blue zircons. The price is A$400.  Click on image for a larger picture.

Here are two Kuan Yin carved from Australia’s unique Zebra Stone. These pieces measure 64mm by 39mm by 18mm and weigh just over 50 grams. The price is only A$50 each. Click on the image for a larger picture.

GANESH Mammoth Ivory carving. This is a large quite thick carving. The detail is quite ornate and beatifully carved. The price is A$1200. Click on the smaller pictures for a larger image.

Here are three mammoth ivory Ganesh. All beautifully carved with great detail. The price is in A$200 to A$220 plus postage.  Click on the image for a larger picture.

GANESH Mammoth carving. This is a quite large carving measuring 112 x 68 x 14. The price is A$600.

This pendant is totally hand made including the fabulous hand carved Tigereye Buddha. The carving measures 55mm by 36mm. The price is A$200 plus postage. Click on image for a larger picture.

RUBY BUDDHA carving. This small carving is in Ruby and Ruby with a touch of Zoisite. It weighs weighs 84 carats. Click on the image for a larger picture.Below are a few woolly mammoth ivory Buddha carvings

LABRADORITE Buddha. This carving shows the magnificent colours of the Labradorite. It measures  55 x 50 x 14mm and weighs 180 carats. The price is A$100.

BUDDHA & KUAN YIN horn carvings. Mineshaft has many of these hand carved pieces mounted on gold plated heavy bases. They vary in height from 42mm to 52mm and all are prices at A$40 each. Click on the image for a larger picture. If you would like to see more send us an E Mail.