Australian Light Opal Jewellery – Gold Set

Mineshaft has a large range of light opal solids set in Jewellery. Way to many pieces to show on our website. Our aim here is to show as wide a range of  our stock as we can but it will still be just a glimpse.

If there is something you are looking for please send us an E mail with your budget and a brief description of what you are looking for. We will send you back pictures of what we have that may suit (

Our prices are in Australian dollars. For overseas orders payment is by Pay Pal. For Australian customers payment is by Pay Pal, cheque or direct credit payment


Mineshaft has a large range of light opal pendants set in 14 and 18 carat Gold . We keep a range in all price brackets. Almost all the opal comes from their own mines at Mintabie in South Australia. Peter has cut this opal and it has been set by our expert goldsmiths. 

Here are three of the many claims Peter was involved with mining at Mintabie. If you want to read about them and the many stories around them go to Peter’s Story at the top of our webpage and read all about the day to day life and Peter’s adventures on the opal fields.

Opal Solid Gold Pendant…The opal weighs 31.4 carats. It was mined at Crystal valley, Mintabie and was the biggest stone in the pocket. It is set in 18 carat gold with Diamonds. If you want to know more about this large pendant please e mail us

Opal Solid 18 carat gold pendant. This opal was mined at our Prizefighter claim at Mintabie. It is a magnificent blue/green crystal opal weighing 13 carats. It is set in an 18 carat gold pendant with Diamonds. The price is A$7000

Carved Owl gold pendant. It is made in an 18 carat gold. The crystal opal owl carving weighs and weighs 25 carats. It has been carved by our master carver and took over 12 hours. The opal is from our Prizefighter Claim. The price of this magnificent piece is A$5000

Opal Solid white Gold Pendant. The opal in this pendant weighs 5.5 carats. It was mined in our Prize Fighter claim and only recently cut. It is multi coloured and is set in a hand made setting with Diamonds.

Opal Solid Pendant…The opal in this pendant weighs 2.2 carats (12 mm by 9 mm)  and was mined in our Prize Fighter claim. It has all the colours and great colour movement.

Opal Solids Gold Pendant. This pendant is hand crafted filigree and set with 3 magnificent crystal opals from our Ripe Red Tomato pocket. You can read this fascinating story by going to Peters story at the top of our website and scrolling down until you find Ripe red tomatoes.  The pendant is made in 18 carat gold.


Mineshaft has a large range of opal solid rings in yellow and white gold. We have rings starting from around $500. All are well made and are set with opals mainly from our own mines. If you have a budget and a preference send us your needs and we will send you back pictures of what is currently available.

Opal Solid Gold Ring…..The opal weighs 2.9 carats and was found in our Prize Fighter claim at Mintabie Opal field. The code for this ring is 20433994.

Opal Solid Gold Ring…Another gem opal from our Prize Fighter claim. This opal weighs 3.9 carats. The code for this ring is 20517328

Opal Solid Gold Ring….The opal was mined in our Prize Fighter claim. This gem weighs 3 carats and is multi coloured wit a great play of fire. The price is A$6000

Opal Earrings in Gold

MINESHAFT stocks a great range of solid opals set in Gold. If you have a price range and colour request please send us an E mail and we will send you pictures of current stock.

Opal Solid Gold Brooches

Opal Solid Brooch. The opal measures 16 mm by 9 mm. It is set in a hand crafted well made 14 carat gold brooch. It has Diamonds incorporated in the design.

Opal Sold Gold Brooch.

The opal in this brooch is a high quality multi coloured gem with great paly of colour. The opal comes from our Spooky’s Claim and was in our very first pocket of opal. You can read all about this claim by going to Peter’s Story on the top of our website and scrolling down to Our first pocket. The brooch is hand made in 14 carat gold.

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