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This section shows just a small selection of the wide variety that Mineshaft stocks in the polished gemstone ornamental range and other collectable areas.  In fact Mineshaft is a store full of collectables and is difficult to show even a glimpse of the amazing variety that  we stock.

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HOW TO PURCHASE E mail us with the code of the product and the price

PAYMENT We accept PAYPAL for worldwide purchases. Australian customers can pay by PAYPAL, CHEQUE or DIRECT DEPOSIT

 Mineshaft not only selects finished products direct from the factories but also have a lot of our own gemstone processed there. This enables us to produce new lines or improove on products and implement changes.

Our drums of rock being delivered to the factory

 We send rough direct to the factories by the 200 litre drum and then sort it  into the product we want manufactured. This way we can send the very best selected gem rough and produce quality products that other businesses rarely are able to offer. Some times our ‘turn around time’ can be over a year but we are constantly receiving new high grade stock

Peter in one of the factories

 One of our advantages is that we are personal friends with several factory owners. These friendships were originally forged when Peter was mining opal at Mintabie. In those days he was selling opal to several Chinese buyers who later went on to other businesses and now have their own processing factories. Several of these factories have been producing our product for many years.

The postage fee is the actual postage rate we have to pay and there are no handling charges.

Rose Quartz 80 cm spherical candle holder. The code is 20479213 and the price A$250.


MALACHITE Code 20424121…$100

MALACHITE SLABS. These are polished slabs of Malachite with the very best patterns. They are not expensive for the very best of quality.

QUARTZ Dancing Bear

QUARTZ Dancing Bear

QUARTZ CLUSTER “Dancing Bear. This wrap around Quartz Cluster (3D) looks just like a dancing bear. I don’t expect it to be on sale long but at least a few people will see this interesting piece. It measures 85 mm by 45 mm by 30 mm and weighs 75 grams. The code is 20429874. The price is A$80.

Agate figures. Here are 8 rough agate natural “sculptures” These have not been shaped. I have flattened the bottom a little so they can stand up. There are 7 pieces in the collection. The ENTIRE collection is only A$150.

QUARTZ CANDLE HOLDER. This is a beautiful full polished quartz boulder with a candle holder insert. The piece weighs 1.72 kilo and measures 130 mm by 110 mm by 90 mm. The code is 20478599 and the price A$300.

AUSTRALIAN CHRYSOPRASE. …Best of the best. The rough piece used to cut these gems was mined in the 1960’s. Mineshaft has just received the parcel back from our cutters. We have a limited number of matched freeform pairs and singles in absolutely the highest flaw free quality. No spots ,white lines or blemishes in any way! The colour is the best imperial apple green colour. When these are sold there will be no more. The price is only $15 carat. We have gems from a few carats up to around 20 carats. Send us an e mail with your wish list.


LABRADORITE Code 20429638 $100

LABRADORITE…Mineshaft has many pieces of selected AAA grade Labradorite polished boulders. All have exceptional polished “play of colour”. Let us send you pictures of current AAA grade pieces.

 Spinel “Nipple stone”. No rewards for guessing where the name of these unique gems came from. They consist of a Spinel crystal in marble beautifully polished. The average weight is around 10 carats and the average size 12 mm by 10 mm. The price is A$30 each

SELENITE Wands. We have two designs in these. All of the highest quality with this fantastic light reflection. Only $15 each

JADEITE Bowl Code 20367879 A$50

Code 20367879

Black & white AGATE bowl Code 20326104 A$50

Black & white AGATE bowl
Code 20326104

GEMSTONE miniture dishes.  These miniture ‘ bowls’ have been cut  from natural gemstone rough.  They are all priced from only A$30 each plus postage. Click on the image for a larger picture.

AGATE snuff bottle

AGATE snuff bottle
Code 20383916


Code 20436377

GEMSTONE BOXES and BOTTLES. Mineshaft generally have several of these in the shop. this is just to give our customers an idea.

Close up of MOSS AGATE in goblet

Another view of MOSS AGATE goblet

Moss Agate Goblet

MOSS AGATE Goblet… This small goblet been carved from a nice piece of Moss Agate. It measures 92 mm by 62mm. The price is A$100 plus postage. Click on the image to see a full size picture.


MALACHITE BOXES. These have been assembled using only the best quality Malachite. We have a limited number in this AAA quality.

Another view of the ‘Volcano’ in Boulder Opal

Sideview of Boulder Opal ‘Volcano’

‘Volcano’ in Boulder Opal A$150

‘VOLCANO’ by Nature. This is a wonderful picture stone in Boulder Opal from our Rainbow mine. It weighs 150 carats and the price is A$150. Click on the image to see a full size picture.

Rare Cavensite cabochons

Here are some rare Cavansite cabochons. CAVENSITE is a really unusual mineral and is rarely cut as a collectable rarity. Your choice for only A$50 each.

Trapichie sapphire 4.8 carats

Trapiche sapphires consist of six sapphire sections that are delineated and separated by “arms” resulting in a fixed six-rayed “star”. This is quite a large stone at 4.8 carats. The price is A$60.

Zebra stone…tumbled pieces $10 to $40

Large size Zebra stone tumbled pieces

Medium size Zebra stone tumbled pieces

Australian Zebra Stone from the remote Kimberleys, Western Australia. This is the only deposit in the world and have been aged at 600 million years. The actual reason for the unique rhythmic pattern is not known.  These are tumbled pieces of this material. The price varies from A$5 to A$40 depending on the size and the banding. We sell a lot of these so e mail us with your price preference and we will send you pictures from our current stock to choose from. Click on the image for a larger picture.

ZEBRA STONE drilled pieces (beads) $15 each

ZEBRA STONE drilled pieces. These pieces have a hole drilled through the top or through the side. For just A$15 each they are especially good value! We all so have a range of slightly smaller ones for just A$10 each. E mail us for a picture of some current stock. Click on the image for a larger picture.

ZEBRA stone large matched pairs.

ZEBRA stone matched pairs

ZEBRA stone matched pairs

This Zebra stone is the hardest available. Mineshaft has a very small quantity of this material and we have some of it cut in to these beautiful and unusual matched pairs. Zebra stone that has markings such as these is the most desirable and rare. When the material is so hard that it takes a polish it becomes even rarer. Matched pairs are even rarer. The price is A$50 pair.

Large ZEBRA stone matched pairs


Code 20392031....$250

Code 20392031….$250

Code 20392031....$250

Code 20392031….$250

Code 20392031....$250

Code 20392031….$250

INSECTS in BALTIC AMBER. These are  really fine fine examples of  insects in Baltic Amber. The price of most of these is A$150 plus postage.  E mail us and we will send you pictures of current stock. We have insects in Baltic amber from $50 up and a few select ones from $100 to $250.

INSECT in AMBER Code 20392055 A$150

Code 20392055

INSECT in AMBER Code 20392048 A$200

Code 20392048

Labradorite Heart. This is a large heart with multiple colours. The code is 20467524 and the price is A$300

Kambaba Jasper Pyramid (100 mm square 600 grams). The code is 20521479 and the price A$100.

Quartz Pyramid. This large quartz pyramid (110 cm by 110 cm & just over a kilo) has lovely rainbow reflections inside. The code is 20521080 and the price is A$400.

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