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Photo Gallery

This is a selection of photos taken over the years.

 Peter & Robert..coffeee break

More Pictures

This page features random photographs taken over the years. Some are mining pictures whilst others are just nice pictures taken along the journey. Click on the image for a full size picture.                

More Mintabie Opal Images

More photos from Peters early opal mining days at Mintabie. Click the image to view a FULL size version. A nice opal sandwich Prospecting drill (Directly behind is what became crystal valley, perhaps the richest ground ever at Mintabie) Black opal rough

Mintabie Opal Mining

Photos from Peters opal  mining days at Mintabie South Australia. Click the image to view a full size version. Old fields approx 1980 Mintabie Opal Fields Approaching Mintabie early days Our first permanent camp, Mintabie … Best crystal opal from our mine