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The Story of Australia Documentary

Mineshafts’ participation in The Story of Australia… documentary aired in China to 21 million viewers. Peter  (Owner of Mineshaft) was invited to be part of this documentary. One of the six parts was on mining in Australia and a large section

Mineshaft History – First Half 2016

17/03/16……One of  the best opals Peter has ever cut. He mined this opal around 1980 at Mintabie Opal Field. He kept it in the rough just to look at all these years. Yesterday he had the pleasure of cutting and

Million Dollar Black Opal

Million Dollar Opal Reduced for Feature Image

Black Opal of this quality, to put it mildly, is ‘exceptionally rare’. This is what all opal miners dream of finding. black opal of this quality in a stone as large as this is simply unbelievable.  This gem was found many years ago and is currently for

Denver Show in Colorado USA – 2011

Denver Show 2011 The Denver show in Colorado USA is held every year in September. It is regarded by many as the ‘little brother’ of the Tucson gem and mineral show. I have wanted to see this show for many