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From Rough Opal Stone to Polished Opal Gem

From Rough Opal Stone to Polished Opal Gem

This page features 5 videos that take you through the process of turning a rough opal stone into four high quality opal gemstones. The five videos cover cutting the rough opal stone, dopping the opal (the sensible and easy way), shaping

Opal – An Introduction

Opal has been described as natures kaleidoscope, an individual expression of nature’s beauty, rainbows of perfection. Each opal is totally unique. Some writings mention that the first recorded opal artifacts dating back to about 4000 B.C. were found by anthropologist Louis Leakey in

Black Opal Information

Black opal is the most majestic of all opal. The best Black Opals are truly striking, the rarest and the most valuable. I believe their beauty far exceeds all other gemstones. The term “Black Opal” often confuses people. We get

Mintabie Opal Fields

Mintabie opal field is located 280 kilometers north of Coober Pedy. It is 35 kilometers west of Marla. I went to Mintabie in 1980. It changed the direction of my life and you are reading this now as a direct

Opal Pioneer Tullie C Wollaston

To all involved in the opal industry perhaps the most important person in the evolution of the industry was Tullie Wollaston. Through his pioneering efforts Australian opal was introduced to the world stage. He was born on the 17th May

Peter’s Story Part 22

The Jet Black Opal Claim I was feeling intensely excited and keen to get back to Mintabie and start work on the Jet Black Opal claim. I had a good feeling and as a lot of miners will tell you

How To Cut Opal

Cutting Solid Opals I have been cutting opal since I was thirteen. I have cut Mintabie opal, Lightning Ridge opal, Andamooka opal, Coober Pedy opal and Boulder opal from many Queensland opal mines. This article is about the basic procedure