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Peters Story Part 26

The Last Claim I had just finished the exhilarating task of digging out a large pocket of exquisite opal from our Prize Fighter claim. It was towards the end of the year and I was on an absolute high. Not

From Rough Opal Stone to Polished Opal Gem

From Rough Opal Stone to Polished Opal Gem

This page features 5 videos that take you through the process of turning a rough opal stone into four high quality opal gemstones. The five videos cover cutting the rough opal stone, dopping the opal (the sensible and easy way), shaping

The Story of Australia Documentary

Mineshafts’ participation in The Story of Australia… documentary aired in China to 21 million viewers. Peter  (Owner of Mineshaft) was invited to be part of this documentary. One of the six parts was on mining in Australia and a large section

Selenite Wands – New Shipment

These are of the very best quality Selenite Wands and we are letting them go for a ridiculously low only $15 each. Don’t just “wander” about it come and pick a few up.    

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Peter’s Story Part 24

The prize fighter claim Stafford owned an investigator drilling rig and had been grid drilling a claim he owned beside a successful finished claim. This claim had produced quite a large amount of opal and was in a productive area

Peter’s Story Part 23

The Bits and Pieces claim We had just found an incredible pocket of black opal in our Jet Black claim and I was still on a high. I had roughly faced a couple of stones at Mintabie and the result

Mammoth Ivory Carvings – New Shipment

19/05/2016. We are just beginning to put out in the shop the latest exquisite fossil mammoth ivory carvings our carvers have recently finished. This is just one of several master carved pieces. Running horses sitting on a hand carved wooden base.

Peter’s Story Part 20

My Life in Turmoil My life, now in a perceived state of upheaval was in turmoil. I was feeling totally insecure with our permanent return to Canberra. With our mining days at Mintabie finished and all bridges burnt, with the

Peter’s Story Part 19

Finding the Balance Running my shop ‘Mineshaft’ and being a full time opal miner made my life very busy. Somehow amongst all this I had to juggle a marriage and spend time with our young son Michael. There are periods in

Peter’s Story Part 18

Preparing a New Opal Mine We had bottomed on opal at our new grasshopper claim and were really keen to go down and dig it out. This might appear a ‘ready set go’ procedure but the fact is there is quite